'Pay' and 'Get Paid' directly

With Mobexo, you can pay and get paid directly through your smartphone,
without the need of additional devices.



Transfer money remotely

You can send and receive money remotely in multiple currencies.
Transfers are always made securely and instantly
with the Mobexo App.

Easy online shopping

Checkout with your Mobexo wallet while shopping online. Getting everything on your list has never been this simple.

Quick payments on the go

Taxi fares, movie tickets, train tickets, and vending machines.
Anything is possible. Paying is quick and instant with Mobexo!

Want a more

compact wallet?

Lighten up. Merge your credit cards and bank account cards into one virtual wallet in your smartphone. Get Mobexo!


Mobexo, the upcoming standard for mobile payment


PSP and Signature

Account information and data is always encrypted and secured with Mobexo.
After signing in, each transaction is approved only after you input your secret PSP code and provide a signature. These steps ensure that both your money and private information remain secure.

The Mobile Payment Experience

CEO & Founder Sopheap Lao 劉鴻基 on Mobexo. Gain some insight on the world's most advanced mobile payment platform.
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